Better image stitching by using depth information

Better image stitching by using depth information

Natural Image Stitching Using Depth Maps
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Natural image stitching (NIS) aims to create one natural-looking mosaic from two overlapping images that capture a same 3D scene from different viewing positions.

Challenges … arise when the scene is non-planar and the camera baseline is wide, since parallax becomes not negligible

… propose a novel NIS method using depth maps, which generates natural-looking mosaics against parallax in both overlapping and non-overlapping regions.

Firstly, … estimate a pixel-to-pixel transformation based on feature matches and their depth values.

Then, … draw a triangulation of the target image and estimate multiple local homographies, one per triangle, … Finally, the warping image is composited by the backward mapping of piece-wise homographies.

… method not only provides accurate alignment in the overlapping regions, but also virtual naturalness in the non-overlapping region.

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