Building detection in high-resolution satellite images


Building detection in high-resolution satellite images

Continental-Scale Building Detection from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
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Identifying the locations and footprints of buildings is vital for many practical and scientific purposes.

Such information can be particularly useful in developing regions where alternative data sources may be scarce.

… describe a model training pipeline for detecting buildings across the entire continent of Africa, using 50 cm satellite imagery.

… study variations in architecture, loss functions, regularization, pre-training, self-training and post-processing that increase instance segmentation performance.

… report novel methods for improving performance of building detection with this type of model, including the use of mixup (mAP +0.12) and self-training with soft KL loss (mAP +0.06).

The resulting pipeline obtains good results even on a wide variety of challenging rural and urban contexts, and was used to create the Open Buildings dataset of 516M Africa-wide detected footprints.

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