Count crowds with multiple cameras for wider view with CVCS

Count crowds with multiple cameras for wider view with CVCS

Cross-View Cross-Scene Multi-View Crowd Counting
arXiv paper abstract
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Multi-view crowd counting has been … proposed to utilize multi-cameras to extend the field-of-view of a single camera, capturing more people in the scene, and improve counting performance for occluded people or those in low resolution.

However, the current multi-view paradigm trains and tests on the same single scene and camera-views, which limits its practical application.

… propose a cross-view cross-scene (CVCS) multi-view crowd counting paradigm, where the training and testing occur on different scenes with arbitrary camera layouts.

To … handle … fusion under scene and camera layout change and non-correspondence … model that attentively selects and fuses multiple views together using camera layout geometry, and a noise view regularization

… test … trained CVCS model on real multi-view counting datasets, by using unsupervised domain transfer.

… CVCS model trained on synthetic data outperforms the same model trained only on real data, and … promising performance compared to fully supervised methods that train and test on the same single scene.

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