Neural networks to remove image flare

Neural networks to remove image flare

How to Train Neural Networks for Flare Removal
arXiv paper abstract
arXiv PDF paper

When a camera is pointed at a strong light source, the resulting photograph may contain lens flare artifacts.

Flares appear in a wide variety of patterns (halos, streaks, color bleeding, haze, etc.) and this … makes flare removal challenging.

Existing … solutions make strong assumptions about the artifact’s geometry or brightness, and therefore only work well on a small subset of flares.

Machine learning … not been widely applied to flare removal due to the lack of training data.

… model … causes of flare either empirically or using wave optics, and generate semi-synthetic pairs of flare-corrupted and clean images. … to train neural networks to remove lens flare

… models trained with our technique generalize well to real lens flares across different scenes, lighting conditions, and cameras.

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