Survey of YOLO from YOLOV1 to YOLOv8 and YOLO-NAS

Survey of YOLO from YOLOV1 to YOLOv8 and YOLO-NAS

A Comprehensive Review of YOLO: From YOLOv1 and Beyond
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YOLO has become a central real-time object detection system for robotics, driverless cars, and video monitoring applications.

… present a comprehensive analysis of YOLO’s evolution, examining the innovations and contributions in each iteration from the original YOLO to YOLOv8 and YOLO-NAS.

… start by describing the standard metrics and postprocessing; then … discuss the major changes in network architecture and training tricks for each model.

… summarize the essential lessons from YOLO’s development and provide a perspective on its future, highlighting potential research directions to enhance real-time object detection systems.

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