Use satellite images to get 3D structure of buildings and roofs


Use satellite images to get 3D structure of buildings and roofs

Automated LoD-2 Model Reconstruction from Very-HighResolution Satellite-derived Digital Surface Model and Orthophoto
arXiv paper abstract
arXiv PDF paper

… reconstructs LoD-2 building models following a “decomposition-optimization-fitting” paradigm.

… starts … through a deep learning-based detector and vectorizes individual segments into polygons

… decomposes the complex and irregularly shaped building polygons to tightly combined elementary building rectangles

… introduced OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Graph-Cut (GC) labeling to further refine the orientation of 2D building rectangle.

… takes building-specific parameters such as hip lines … to optimize the flexibility for using a minimal set of elementary models.

Finally, roof type of building models s refined and adjacent building models in one building segment are merged

… resulting in practically high-quality results

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